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Cintra hints of possible legal action against critic of toll plan

By Dave Yochum. The fight against the plan to widen I-77 with the help of a company whose roots are in Spain continues to escalate, with a lawsuit, another bill in Raleigh and even the threat of legal action against someone who has spoken out against I-77 Mobility partners, the new entity that will build the […]


Andy Yates ‘Rising Star’ in national publication

Andy Yates, senior partner of Red Dome Group, has been named a “Rising Star” in the political campaign world by Campaigns and Elections magazine. Yates managed NC Rep. Charles Jeter’s closely watched campaign last year. Below is part of a Q&A with Yates from Campaigns and Elections http://campaignsandelections.com   C&E: How do you become a self-made […]


Aneralla, incumbent Jill Swain file to run for mayor of Huntersville

July 10. UPDATED 12:15 pm. It’s official: Both incumbent Jill Swain  and John Aneralla have filed with the Mecklenburg County Board of Elections to run for mayor of Huntersville. Swain, who filed Thursday, may be tough to beat. Swain is in her fourth term as mayor. She served four previous terms on the Huntersville Town […]


Point counterpoint: I-77 toll lanes

By Kurt Naas. Now that local governments and businesses have lined up against the I-77 toll lanes, the North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT) has been offering up three more rationales why they must move forward with this project. First, we’ve been told it’s “tolls or nothing for 20 years.”  That may have been true in […]


Memo to LKN Chamber: ‘NCDOT is simply delivering the project requested by local authorities’

In advance of the Lake Norman Chamber’s board meeting, the NCDOT Undersecretary Nick Tennyson outlined some of the ramifications of cancelling the $650 million contract with I-77 Mobility/Cintra/Ferrovial and opting for a general-purpose lanes project instead.   As a former chamber [of commerce] executive, I know that your organization has a wide range of business and […]


I-77 toll controversy highlights worries about clout in Raleigh

By Dave Vieser. With Pat McCrory’s election in 2012 and Republicans holding a majority in the state legislature, things seemed to be looking up for Lake Norman. With a strong GOP lineup came expectations of increased help from Raleigh for critical infrastructure needs, especially in the transportation spectrum. Two years later, town boards around Lake Norman, […]


Cornelius to NCDOT: Tear Down This Contract

June 2. By Dave Vieser. The Cornelius Town Board unanimously passed a strongly worded resolution calling on the asCDOT to terminate its contract with Spanish based Cintra/I-77 Mobility Partners to build toll lanes on I-77. The board also said it would consider joining the lawsuit filed by Widen I-77 seeking to halt the toll lanes planned for […]


Naas, Widen I-77 on Monday night Town Board agenda

You might call it a sea change—a broad transformation—that is under way at the upper levels of Cornelius power: Kurt Naas and the Widen I-77 lawsuit against the toll lanes is now on the agenda for discussion at Monday night’s Town Board meeting. Naas will have 30 minutes to outline the suit which seeks to stop the […]


‘Emergency Call to Action’ on tolls comes from business leaders, not LKN Chamber

ANALYSIS. May 26. An “I-77 Business Transportation Summit” will be held at Michael Waltrip Racing at 4 pm Thursday. The hosts are power brokers in the Lake Norman business, tourism and economic scene: Larry Johns, chief financial officer of Michael Waltrip Racing in Cornelius, and Richard Zulman, CEO of  BestCo, formerly BestSweet, a major employer in Mooresville.The business leaders are stirring […]


Hastened NCDOT-Cintra deal an ‘incredible’ insult to voters, Gilroy says

May 21. Amidst the background of the Exit 28 Ridiculousness Facebook page whose profile picture is “Cintra Sucks Money Out Of The Local Economy,” more local business leaders are starting to speak out on their own, independent of any chamber of commerce. Indeed, a petition calling for an independent review of the now-signed 50-year deal […]