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Embrace diversity: Why holiday celebrations instead of Christmas parties

Dec. 7. By Dan Houston. [Opinion] I’ve been asked why organizations should shift from “Christmas Party” to “Holiday Party.” In today’s diverse and multicultural society, fostering an inclusive workplace is not just a nice-to-have; it’s a strategic imperative for organizations. While some may question the need to move away from the traditional “Christmas Party,” the […]

Open letter from the LKN Chamber CEO

[Opinion] Aug. 4. By Bill Russell. This month marks my 30-year anniversary as a chamber of commerce executive. It seems like only yesterday when in 1996, elected, community, and business leaders of our area met in the lobby of the Visitors Center to welcome me to Lake Norman. I still recall my earlier interview when […]


Op-Ed: Universities must innovate, reinvent

Nov. 16. [Opinion] By Dr. Franklin D. Gilliam Jr., Chancellor, UNC Greensboro. Colleges and universities across North Carolina and the nation are encountering stiff headwinds. College enrollment fell by more than 1 million students during two years of the COVID-19 pandemic, and worse is yet to come. The high school-age population will begin to shrink […]

Opinion: The power of social media in local elections

By Budd Berro. The North Mecklenburg municipal elections this past November provided the latest and most visible examples of the expanding role of social media in local politics.  With platforms such as Facebook and Twitter only becoming accessible to the general public around 2006, the next six years provided an opportunity for those and other […]

Sexual harassment happens in companies big and small, well-known and obscure

By Dave Yochum. I know I was surprised Monday morning Nov. 20, when Charlie Rose didn’t host “CBS This Morning.” He was a hero of mine; his avuncular demeanor, as well as low-key approach to interview subjects appealed to me. Four or five cups of coffee, a B-complex supplement and Charlie Rose, Gayle King and […]


OPINION: In Davidson, vote for Rusty Knox

OPINION. This year marks Davidson’s 180th year of existence, and there ​has not been a more important election in ​recent history. There has been an unsurpassed amount of tension between the current administration and residents—​who want respect from their elected officials as well as responsible growth. This is an off-year election, but for Davidson, it’s […]

We can dream, but it’s time to act

OPINION. By Dave Yochum. Seeing the devastation in South Texas reminds me that we’re all people regardless of race, color or creed. Eight feet of water in your house will have you in over your head no matter who you are. In a disaster, there’s no doubt we’re all created equal. If only we were able […]


Social media confronts mainstream leaders

​By Kate Stevens. With local election primaries only two months away, online groups promoting political activism and levying criticism on Davidson, Cornelius and Mooresville leaders have never been more popular. But whether these online forums, convenient places to complain, cajole and promote change, can affect the region’s economic development process is still largely unknown, several […]

Letter to the Editor: Infrastructure plan ‘fairy dust’

Dec. 5. [OPINION] A Washington Post article ( Think tank casts doubts on Trump infrastructure plan), is one of the most succinct articles I have read on how the Trump Administration plans to fund road and infrastructure during his administration.  This plan is a variation on one proposed by the Democrats.  Both plans promise massive amounts of […]

Bill Russell, CEO of the Lake Norman of Commerce says the organization has about 800 members and will reach out to businesses in Huntersville soon.

LKN Chamber takes a regional approach

By Bill Russell. Recently I had the chance to watch the sun set over our beautiful Lake Norman. The bright orange skyline kissed the rippling waters. Teased by the wind, it skipped across the expanse that touched my soul and I was reminded of a passage in a book by Norman Maclean that read, “Eventually, all […]