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Andy Yates ‘Rising Star’ in national publication

unnamedAndy Yates, senior partner of Red Dome Group, has been named a “Rising Star” in the political campaign world by Campaigns and Elections magazine. Yates managed NC Rep. Charles Jeter’s closely watched campaign last year. Below is part of a Q&A with Yates from Campaigns and Elections


C&E: How do you become a self-made consultant?
 It’s getting to learn from people in the business. My first race as a staffer was Congressman Robin Hayes’ (R-N.C.) reelection in 2002 when we were one of the top targets of the DCCC. I’ve since had a chance to work on races at every level. I’ve done everything from small town city council races to working on the Super PAC for Ben Carson’s presidential campaign…

C&E: What’s your advice for aspiring consultants?
The single best piece of advice that I’ve gotten was from Jack Hawke and that was that it’s just as important who you choose not to work with as who you do choose to work with. One ethically challenged candidate can bring down all of your hard work. The second piece of advice: don’t get discouraged if you’ve done everything you can and the race didn’t turn out the way you wanted it to…


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