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Nominate a small business for a ‘Crown’ award

Nov. 13. Nominations are open for the 2024 Crowns of Enterprise Awards, sponsored by Mecklenburg County and the City of Charlotte. The Crowns of Enterprise Awards recognize small businesses that demonstrate exemplary leadership and sound business strategies. The awards committee specifically recognizes firms that grow and strengthen the local economy, as well as welcome and […]


Inclusion can create a stronger team

By Cheryl L. Kane July 25. Strong companies with longevity are those who adapt quickly to change. This is often because they share and put new information from customers, suppliers, and competitors to use, fast, much faster than other companies. How do they collect and put information to work so fast? How do they get […]


Small Business Advice: Times change, so must you

By Cheryl Kane. Business professionals need quality information—and creativity—to adapt to changing times. Quality information is necessary to accurately define problems creating a barrier to achieving your goals. Creativity is critical for the innovation needed for strategic planning and executing tactical plans. As times change, plans may need to change. Today disrupted circumstances may startle […]


Even with COVID-19 in the background, a human touch is important

There is no substitute for brain power to solve problems, humanize service levels, or to discern the idiosyncratic needs of a customer. When misused or over-used, technology can dissatisfy, irk, and alienate them to the point they vote with their dollars elsewhere. Use technology to drive sales to you, not away from you. I know. […]


Do you need to pivot your business? Learn how with PitchBreakfast 

May 12. PitchBreakfast is hosting the Pitch Your Pivot Challenge via Zoom tomorrow May 13 at 8:45 am to support local entrepreneurs and small businesses. The Pitch Your Pivot Challenge is an opportunity for founders to share how they are adapting to the current crisis—and win some funding. There is more than $5,000 being awarded […]

CPCC, Mecklenburg County partner on accelerator program

Central Piedmont Community College and Mecklenburg County have partnered to launch Get Up and Grow, an accelerator program that gives businesses access to professional consultants, a peer network and 30.5 hours of training with subject matter experts. The program focuses on helping local business owners build upon their success and develop a plan to expand […]

FY 2018 SBA loans reached $800 million in NC

The U.S. Small Business Administration guaranteed over $30 billion in loans during FY 2018—in North Carolina there were 1,355 loans for over $800 million to small businesses of various types. Nationwide, in FY18 there were approximately 60,353 7(a) loans made, with a total dollar amount of $25.37 billion. The 7(a) program is SBA’s flagship program, […]

183,000 minority enterprises in NC

Oct. 15. In conjunction with Minority Enterprise Development (MED) Week, Gov. Roy Cooper has declared October 2018 as Minority Enterprise Development Month. The proclamation acknowledges the achievements of minority businesses, corporations and financial institutions that support minority businesses throughout the state. “Supporting the development of a diverse business community ensures that we have the best […]

CPCC, Meck County hold seminars for small business

Central Piedmont Community College and Mecklenburg County are launching the  “What’s Next Seminar Series” to help existing businesses reach their next stage of growth. The free program, which begins Aug. 14, and will include sessions in August, September and October. Entrepreneurs from across the region who have customers, revenue and a desire to grow are invited. You […]

Balancing stones

Balancing act: Sales management includes knowing when to cut

Managing a sales force is tough—-note the word force, as in source of power, influence or strength. But if the energies of an individual sales professional are weakening your team or draining you of time and wasting your own energy, you need to redirect that person’s force in a more appropriate direction or release it […]