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Bailey Road start-up has 1,200 retail customers nationwide

ENTREPENEURS | By TL Bernthal Dec. 15.  Friends who don’t eat meat miss the camaraderie of a shared meal when pulled pork barbecue is served at a party or celebration. And in the Carolinas, BBQ is served a lot. A solution? Barvecue. Barvecue is a plant-based smokehouse operation in Cornelius that opened a year ago […]

Sign up for Cookie Crawl to support Davidson businesses

Oct. 10. The Town of Davidson will hold its seventh annual Cookie Crawl as an effort to introduce residents and visitors to Davidson businesses, kick off the holiday shopping season and support our local retailers. On Saturday, Nov. 5 from 11 am to 4 pm, more than 20 Davidson businesses will hand out freshly-baked, pre-packaged […]

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Resilience comes from responsibility and resolve

BUSINESS ADVICE | By Cheryl Kane So we continue moving through these COVID times. Regardless of the trials, we can continue to learn and adapt. Let us be encouraged that the resilience we need may come from the responsibility we hold for each other, our duties and for taking care of ourselves. Duty and a […]


Mecklenburg new corporations: July 19-Aug. 13

These businesses registered with the North Carolina Secretary of State Cornelius 7/19/21 Alpha Pharma LLC, Balvant Patel, 12615 Old Westbury Dr., Cornelius 7/19/21 Native Media LLC, Thomas Schollmeyer II, 22026 Satilla Dr., Cornelius 7/19/21 Sherwood Sales LLC, Dalton Sherwood, 20516 Deep Cove Ct., Cornelius 7/20/21 Birkdale Full Circle LLC, Sandra L. Knox, 19410 Jetton Rd., […]

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Is it time for re-orientation?

BUSINESS ADVICE | By Cheryl Kane Sept. 15. As offices begin to come back to life, it’s not just COVID-19 that should be top of mind. Team members may need a workplace reorientation. Safety Working remotely, workers were removed from the safe behaviors they trained and practiced on the job. In the pre-COVID workplace where […]

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Local real estate: Q&A with Allen Tate CEO

Sept. 7. By Dave Yochum. It was only natural that home sales slowed down in July. The pandemic and resulting lockdowns during the spring market last year brought sales to a halt and pushed activity into June and July making comparisons  to this year almost meaningless. In Cornelius, days on market has fallen from 45 days […]

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Here’s how to make the complex manageable

Business Advice | By Cheryl Kane Many of us are redefining what kind of new business normal we can achieve as we move forward in COVID times. This can seem daunting but try taking one step at a time. Here are some ways to maintain your resiliency and your optimism, step-by-step. Let your view be […]


Mooresville new corporations: April 19-May 15, 2021

These businesses registered with the North Carolina Secretary of State  4/19/21 Affordable Apartment Housing LLC, Frank Baldasare, 591 Isle of Pines Rd. 28117 4/19/21 Bryan’s Heating & Cooling LLC, Charlene Clarke, 727 Heatherly Rd. 28115 4/19/21 Kimberlys Kleaning LLC, Kimberly Aponik, 144 Hampshire Dr. 28115 4/19/21 Red Eye Freight Brokers and Dispatchers LLC, Tyerra Shaonna […]


Mecklenburg new corporations: April 19-May 15, 2021

These businesses registered with the North Carolina Secretary of State  Cornelius 4/19/21 Forgotten, Now Family Rescue, Co., Emily Chandley, 19905 Caramaran Ct., Cornelius 4/19/21 Hargrove & Sons LLC, Chestley Hargrove, 19225 Chandlers Landing Dr. Apt. 208, Cornelius 4/19/21 Hyde Park April 2021 LLC, John F. Hanzel, 18805 Silver Quay Dr., Cornelius 4/19/21 Piedmont Construction of […]


Plan your COVID comeback with people in mind

BUSINESS ADVICE | By Cheryl Kane June 8. Whew! Since March 2020 COVID-19 has put sales under enormous pressure. It placed unimaginable burdens on some and created extraordinary opportunities for others. Did you learn to pivot? Sales managers and business leaders had their own customized terms for the special circumstances they faced. What all businesses […]