Owners of Cosmo Gypsy and Beck on Broad close Birkdale Village kiosks

Beck on Broad | Facebook photo

March 3. The owners of Cosmo Gypsy and Beck on Broad closed the kiosks at Birkdale Village.

“We didn’t have time to be there so we decided to close up,” one of the owners, Ozzy Ojito, said Thurdsday afternoon.

“There’s nothing wrong with Birkdale,” Ojito said. “Birkdale has been good to us.”

The tiny retail kiosks are designed to serve as incubators and will host short-term pop-ups from small, local business owners, says Britni Johnson, North American Properties spokesperson.

“As for what’s next, we are still trying to figure out the sweet spot for The Grove and the types of concepts our guests would like to see in that area,” Johnson wrote in an email. “We’ve gotten a lot of great interest and encourage the community to be involved in our curation process by sharing feedback at [email protected].”


The Cosmo Gypsy and Beck on Broad stores opened in July.

The kiosks closed this week, surprising some shoppers.  Beck on Broad remains open in downtown Mooresville at 106 N Broad St. The women’s clothing store started with the “it” bag and now offers apparel, shoes, accessories and health products.


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