Where to park at Birkdale Village? Counting spaces

Valet parking at Birkdale Village

Nov. 15. TL Bernthal. The number of parking spaces at Birkdale Village exceeds what is required, despite “the lack of parking” sometimes being a talking point about the mixed-use development in Huntersville.

Birkdale Village currently exceeds the town’s minimum parking requirements, according to Brian Richards, assistant planning director of the Huntersville Planning Department.

In total, Birkdale Village has 1,940 parking spaces; local code requires 1,082, according to Britni Johnson, director of public relations for North American Properties, the owner of Birkdale Village.

“There have been minor adjustments related to improvements at Birkdale Village over the last 20 years,” Richards says.  “All of which are in compliance with the town’s parking standards.”

Birkdale is in the process of asking the Huntersville Town Board for approval to build new office space, apartments and a hotel.

The breakdown

Valet occupies only 10 of the 1,940 spaces, leaving 1,930, which exceeds code by 848, available to guests across the center, Johnson says. Those 10 valet spaces are in the parking garage across from Concierge. There are 42 other spaces available in that same garage for guests to use at any time, she says. Red Rocks and Dressler’s do not use that area for their valet service.

A few of the angled spaces along Birkdale Commons Parkway were slightly reduced in size this fall to accommodate compact cars, Johnson says.

What’s required

Here are Huntersville’s minimum parking requirements for off-street parking, provided by Richards.

—Commercial, industrial, office: 1 space per 500 square feet.

—Hotels, motels: 1 space per room plus 1space per 500 square feet of ancillary use.

—Residential: 1-bedroom dwelling unit, 1 space; dwelling units with more than 1 bedroom, 1.5 spaces; congregate housing, no minimum parking required.

—Warehouse: 0.25 spaces per 1,000 feet.

—Civic: No minimum.

Still there after valet gone

To retrieve a vehicle from valet parking after the concierge desk has closed and the valet team left, call security 704-441-1307.


4 Responses to “Where to park at Birkdale Village? Counting spaces”

  1. Where are these 1940 parking spaces?
    When you have concentrations of people in one small area similar to townhomes,a mall, movie theater or hotel how can square footage requirements apply?

    Posted by James | November 17, 2022, 3:30 pm
  2. Evidently Brian Richards has never gone there for dinner or to a movie and drive around and around and around three four times to try to find a parking spot I think somebody should check the codes and amend them

    Posted by Brian | November 17, 2022, 4:19 pm
  3. So many people are upset because they need to walk 2 blocks after parking their car. Please, outside of Christmas Season when parking is bad at all popular malls I have NEVER had issues getting a spot. People have gotten lazy.

    Posted by BW | November 17, 2022, 6:58 pm
  4. Anyone that has ever been to Birkdale on a weekend night knows there is nothing r enough parking.

    Posted by Bob | November 18, 2022, 7:09 pm

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