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Labor Day By the Numbers

Aug. 30. WalletHub’s Labor Day survey provides a snapshot of the American working public and some are struggling. For example, the Writers Guild and SAG-AFTRA have been striking for months to improve pay and ensure AI isn’t used to hurt workers. Some of the findings: —Many people have started working harder. 63% of people say […]


Charlotte No. 8 in diversity, according to new study

April 17. A recent report found that Charlotte is the eighth-most diverse city in the nation—more diverse than Los Angeles (No. 10) and Chicago (No. 17). With a significant rise in hate crimes, personal finance website released its report on 2023′s Most Diverse Cities in America. Click here for the complete report. From a […]


Q&A: How to land a summer job

May 25. Finding part-time, seasonal or temporary work can be challenging for students—even in a tight labor market. That said, people can find summer jobs in industries that are returning to full capacity, like dining, entertainment and tourism. Some employers are also desperate to hire, which gives applicants leverage to get better compensation. By the […]