Labor Day By the Numbers

Aug. 30. WalletHub’s Labor Day survey provides a snapshot of the American working public and some are struggling. For example, the Writers Guild and SAG-AFTRA have been striking for months to improve pay and ensure AI isn’t used to hurt workers.

Some of the findings:

—Many people have started working harder. 63% of people say they are working harder due to inflation.

—Inflation is impacting Labor Day travel. 61% of people are less likely to travel this Labor Day weekend due to inflation, compared to last year.

—Job security is a rising concern. 23% more people say they are concerned about their job security this Labor Day compared to last year.

—There is high demand for raises. 87% of people want a raise to keep up with inflation.

—Some people are worried about AI. 37% of people are concerned that artificial intelligence will take their jobs.



“It’s still a strong job market. Unemployment is at 3.5%, near a historic low, with wages rising faster than inflation for the last three quarters. In occupations where remote work is an option, being willing to work in-person or hybrid will give you an advantage relative to workers seeking remote-only positions. Evidence is growing that remote workers are less productive than their in-person and hybrid peers. Many firms, including prominent tech firms, are taking action by reducing hiring for remote positions and recalling employees.”

—Mark KurtPh.D., Assistant Dean of Global Education, Professor of Economics, Elon University


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