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Can home ownership be made more affordable?

March 25. By Mike Walden. Traditionally, one of the ways to accumulate wealth was to buy a home. Indeed, owning a home was part of the “American Dream” of getting ahead economically. Sure, it might take a young household a few years to accumulate enough for a down payment, but once that was accomplished and […]

Work force housing

Lack of workforce housing hits close to home

Feb. 1. By Dave Yochum. Housing in and around Cornelius has a split personality: There are multimillion-dollar homes within less than a mile of substandard properties, not to mention homeless people tucked away in a few wooded areas here and there. County-wide, the number of people experiencing homelessness continues to increase. As of June 2023, […]


‘Need in the North’ tour focuses on challenged neighborhoods, housing issues

May. 4. There’s poverty and homelessness in Cornelius within walking distance of pricey homes on both the west side and east side of town. Indeed, nearly 10 percent of our neighbors live below the Federal Poverty Limit: $27,750 for a family of four. On May 13, the Ada Jenkins Center will conduct a “Need in […]


Winston Salem developer investing $28 million in affordable housing project

April 4. Construction on a 152-unit affordable housing project in a historic mill in Concord will begin this summer. Winston Salem-based Sari & Co. plans to invest upwards of $28 million in the mill which was built by Warren C. Coleman, a former slave and one of Concord’s most influential early leaders. In 1897, he […]