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Atrium has new ‘chief experience officer’

May 7. Atrium Health has hired a first-ever “chief experience officer” who will serve as the leader and driver for the overall experience strategy. Vishal Bhalla, in addition to being head of human resources for Atrium Health Navicent, will be responsible for patient, provider, teammate and volunteer experience across the Atrium Health operation. It means […]


People staying at home during COVID-19 affects hospitals’ bottom line

Dec. 3. Kaufman, Hall & Associates, a top financial and performance consulting company in the world of foundational institutions like hospitals, says hospital margins have been down consistently year-to-date. “October’s downturn likely will continue as COVID rates rise throughout the fall and winter,” even with two vaccines on the horizon, according to Kaufman, Hall. Meanwhile, […]


Atrium, Wake Forest announce merger

Oct. 9. Atrium Health and Wake Forest Baptist Health, including Wake Forest School of Medicine, are officially joining together as a single enterprise in a “strategic combination” announced today. “We are reinventing ourselves yet again,” said Atrium CEO Eugene A. Woods. The merger will help the healthcare giant address the challenges facing the business of […]


Atrium Health: 80 years of service

Oct. 8. The year was 1940. Edward R. Murrow was broadcasting the events of World War II  from London. North Carolina’s farmers still used livestock to pull their plows. And, post-depression Charlotte was  emerging as a budding cultural center, with a growing recording industry presence. The year also marked the culmination  of years of effort […]