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Want to set yourself apart? Be in control.

BUSINESS ADVICE | By Cheryl Kane May 17. Want a promotion? Hope to be on the best team projects? Do you seek exciting opportunities? Then make sure you are perceived as promotable, dependable and stimulating to work with. Our hybrid world of working floating hours, attending meetings online, and working from home may offer cool […]

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Up your value: On-the-job advice if you’re working from home

BUSINESS ADVICE | By Cheryl Kane April 12. People are talking about how hybrid work environments may reduce one’s visibility and reduce the chance for recognition and upward mobility in an organization. Makes sense to me! We haven’t been using the hybrid work model full throttle for very long, so it’s hard to say what […]


Office communications: Get a new groove

BUSINESS ADVICE | By Cheryl Kane March 15. New hires aren’t the only ones who don’t know a lot about their organizational teams today. As doors open to welcome people back to work in person, much has changed after 20+ months of working remotely.  We need fresh ways to get our groove back. Why? • […]


Heads Up! It’s burn-out time

BUSINESS ADVICE | By Cheryl Kane Feb. Reading headlines about the mass resignations from the workplace in 2021, I was reminded of the scene in “Network” where angry people went to their windows and in unison yelled, “I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore!”  I anticipate we’ll continue to see […]

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Resilience comes from responsibility and resolve

BUSINESS ADVICE | By Cheryl Kane So we continue moving through these COVID times. Regardless of the trials, we can continue to learn and adapt. Let us be encouraged that the resilience we need may come from the responsibility we hold for each other, our duties and for taking care of ourselves. Duty and a […]

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Is it time for re-orientation?

BUSINESS ADVICE | By Cheryl Kane Sept. 15. As offices begin to come back to life, it’s not just COVID-19 that should be top of mind. Team members may need a workplace reorientation. Safety Working remotely, workers were removed from the safe behaviors they trained and practiced on the job. In the pre-COVID workplace where […]

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Here’s how to make the complex manageable

Business Advice | By Cheryl Kane Many of us are redefining what kind of new business normal we can achieve as we move forward in COVID times. This can seem daunting but try taking one step at a time. Here are some ways to maintain your resiliency and your optimism, step-by-step. Let your view be […]


Plan your COVID comeback with people in mind

BUSINESS ADVICE | By Cheryl Kane June 8. Whew! Since March 2020 COVID-19 has put sales under enormous pressure. It placed unimaginable burdens on some and created extraordinary opportunities for others. Did you learn to pivot? Sales managers and business leaders had their own customized terms for the special circumstances they faced. What all businesses […]