Southwire culture hard-wired around sustainability, giving back


Sept. 16. Georgia-based Southwire Co., the new owner of the $90-million ABB cable plant in Huntersville, could bring on two dozen additional employees during the next couple of years. The three-year-old plant, known for its 450 tower on the south side of downtown Huntersville, was purchased by Southwire in July.

The privately held company is known for giving back to the community. Despite its size—$5.4 billion in revenue last year—Southwire emphasizes the human side of commerce.

It was founded by legendary businessman Roy Richards 65 years ago. He was a pioneer in the electrification of the rural South. At the same time he focused his attention on the continuous casting of copper rod, he focused management’s attention on people. A news story about his death in 1985 appeared in The New York Times.

At Southwire, “our products deliver power. So do our people,” said Charlie Murrah, president of Southwire’s energy division. “We will sustain our company in a fiercely competitive industry by believing in and supporting our employes, who, in turn, will ensure our performance exceeds that of our competitors.”

Southwire and its employees do so by building worth, “growing green,” living well, giving back and doing right. According to the company:

  • “Our neighbors depend on us, just as we depend on them. We will strive to improve the quality of life in the communities in which we work.”
  • “This goes beyond providing jobs and paying taxes. It also means giving to those in need.”
  • “We will foster a culture guided by ehtical values. We will not forget to live up to those values….When we make mistakes, we will be transparent and responsive to our critics.”

Southwire closed the deal to buy the 240,000-square-foot plant from ABB in July. Southwire is one of the largest electrical wire manufacturers in the world.


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