Making Birkdale Village a go-to ‘third place’ is under way

Aug. 17. By Dave Yochum. Look for significant—and subtle—improvements at Birkdale Village as North American Properties, its new management and development company, works on enhancing the notion of the “third place”  at the 52-acre mixed-use project.

Sephora opens Sept. 3, good news in a challenging brick-and-mortar retail environment. But along with the opening comes a subtle reconfiguration of the steps to the upstairs apartments.

Throughout the development the apartment steps will be rebuilt so they come straight out, rather than to either side of a stoop.

The change will help NAP “activate” adjacent storefronts that were partially covered by steps.

Birkdale Village is the first investment in Charlotte for NAP, which along with Nuveen Real Estate, now owns the property.

The ‘third place’

It’s all part of making Birkdale Village the perfect “third place” where there’s a sense of community that Facebook and Instagram don’t provide.

Sociologist Ray Oldenburg says a third place is where people spend time between home and work—our first and second places. They are locations where we exchange ideas, have a good time and build relationships.

And shop. Mayor John Aneralla called Birkdale Village the “crown jewel” of Huntersville.


As shopping centers like Concord Mills and Northlake Mall face their challenges, North American is ramping up security hours by two-thirds. They’ve also asked Huntersville Police to pay close attention to motorists whose cars purposely backfire while circling the outdoor mall.

Planned also are power-washing of sidewalks five days a week, public restrooms, Wi-Fi upgrades for seamless streaming throughout the property and even valets who know your name.

Traffic circle

The traffic circle around the fountain will no longer go all the way around. The segment between Dressler’s and Starbucks will be closed to enhance the street-level experience for shoppers who are now known as “guests.”

Birkdale Village has some five dozen stores and restaurants ranging from Dick’s Sporting Goods and Barnes & Noble to Buttermilk Sky Pie Shop and Dressler’s Restaurant.

Along with 250,000 square feet of retail, Birkdale Village has 320 apartments as well as 50,000 square feet of office space.

More to come

In the planning stages is a space for 10 to 12 small businesses that sell from booths, a beer garden and concierge services which would include building a concierge station.

The collapsed wall on the greenway/walking trail near Sam Furr Road will be repaired by Sept 1.


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