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Letter to the Editor: Birkdale Village rezoning

Nov. 22. [Opinion] By Dawn Snow. It is quite obvious that the current rezoning proposal, R22-01, to redevelop Birkdale Village with a multi-story hotel and office building and 350 more apartments does not fit with the character of our neo-traditional village in terms of scale, scope, architecture, or aesthetics. Additionally, parking and infrastructure will be woefully inadequate and not meet the zoning requirements since 1,050 new parking spaces will be required, but only 530 are being added.

Unfortunately it appears this proposal is being railroaded through since the Town Board and other town staff have chosen to ignore credible evidence of non-compliance with zoning ordinances.

For example, I have provided emails to the board, both in person and electronically, showing that the developer failed to notify the neighborhood HOA’s of the Sep 22 community meeting and even the second upcoming community meeting on Nov 1, which by ordinance must occur PRIOR to the public hearing. These notifications are required to be in compliance with the town ordinance.

When every level of the town government chooses to not listen to their community and even blatantly ignores evidence of ordinance non-compliance, that is very troublesome, and all elected officials doing so should be voted out.

Dawn Snow, Huntersville


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  1. Stop electing business people. They use their power to promote their business. That’s a conflict of interest.

    Posted by Karen Asche | November 22, 2022, 6:55 pm

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