Dressler’s closing in Birkdale, but parent company will open Fin & Fino in its place

Patio dining at Dressler’s in Birkdale Village

Aug. 22. Owner Jon Dressler says he will close his namesake restaurant in Birkdale Village and open another Fin & Fino eatery in its place.

The original restaurant, which dates back to 2003, is expected to close this fall.

‘Exciting changes’ at Birkdale

“With all of the exciting changes coming to Birkdale Village, we feel it is time to bring in something new ourselves. The energy and charisma of Fin & Fino will fit in well and will be an integral player in the updates underway there,” Dressler said.

The Charlotte location of Dressler’s at The Metropolitan will remain open.

There is a Fin & Fino at 135 Levine Avenue of the Arts which recently celebrated its fifth anniversary in Uptown Charlotte.


Fin & Fino “celebrates the explorer’s mindset and the sailor’s heart with a menu that draws inspiration from seafaring cultures on both sides of the Atlantic.”

The “social seafood house” features a raw bar as well as fresh seafood, high-quality meats, house-made pastas and locally grown produce on a menu of small plates. Fin & Fino says it is “well known for its inventive and expansive cocktail menus, which will be replicated at the Birkdale Village location.”


4 Responses to “Dressler’s closing in Birkdale, but parent company will open Fin & Fino in its place”

  1. So meat lovers beware, between Bone Fish which everyone loves and does have some non-fishy food, Dresslers will be a fish place.

    Stick to Bone Fish – tried and true and so worthy of raves.

    Posted by Reta Berman | August 22, 2023, 12:40 pm
  2. Jon- this is a long term customer responding to your recent announcement. I wish you all the best but I think it is a mistake. And thank you for misleading your long term customers since you have been talking about this renovation since last year. You positioned it as a renovation of the location. Not a venue/menu change.

    What is happening with Kevin and Derrick?

    Posted by NMB | August 22, 2023, 11:54 pm
  3. Will fin and fino honor unused dresser gift certificates?

    Posted by Ric Groff | December 27, 2023, 4:04 pm

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