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Just sell! Do What You Do Best Delegate the Rest

Successful sales professionals make selling look easy. What makes it look easy are often the unseen, well-honed set of guiding processes that support that person, including delegation. The smartest working professionals have learned they can focus their best efforts and spend their time most productively working in their areas of strength-if they delegate as many […]


Customer Attraction/Retention: Are you doing what really matters?

Part II. I have already covered the key aspects that are important to gaining interest and the ultimate purchase from a prospective customer. These included: Convenience factors of location, accessibility and time; soundness of offerings and capabilities; track record in business; accuracy and reliability; and value for time and money spent. Getting a customer to […]


Customer Attraction/Retention: Are you doing what really matters? Part 1

Part I. Over 32 years in interviewing thousands of customers of clients in almost every industry, I have been able to document key factors of attraction and retention of customers that every business should pay heed to in order to realize a continually growing and loyal customer base. If you feel that you must always […]


Are you effectively leveraging operations in your marketing?

Too often, owners and managers operate their businesses in silos that cause many opportunities to be overlooked. Accounting focuses only on accounting. Operations focuses only on operations. Marketing focuses only on traditional sales and promotion. Safety and maintenance only focuses on safety and maintenance. I could go on and on. High growth companies understand that […]


Are you being disruptive enough?

Too many businesses, in an effort to compete, miss the mark in what it takes to truly differentiate themselves. If you are using your competition as a template for what you think your should be doing, then you will always be following, and will more likely get left is the dust of “not knowing what […]


Are you serving or engaging?

What does it take to excel in business today? A key area in which a business can excel against competitors, regardless of industry, is through customer service. Making it a focus to serve customers better than anyone else is becoming more and more of a priority for savvy businesses that understand what a dismal job […]

Is your sales strategy protecting you enough?

I often refer to a strategy as an umbrella over a business. As you launch into 2016, do you have a strategy that is truly protecting and nurturing the best interests of your company? I am so adamant about the need for business owners to truly understand the powerful impact a strategy can have on […]


Why your plan is missing its mark. Part II of II

I find many business owners confuse a strategy with a plan, and they are not the same. A plan focuses on action and tactical activities. A strategy focuses on vision, purpose, differentiation, advantage, goals, objectives and desired outcomes. It then includes the necessary plans to accomplish these outcomes. Too many businesses do not have the […]


Has your strategy gone stale? Part I of II

As we near the end of another year, midway through fourth quarter in a calendar fiscal year, how are you feeling about your business as a whole?  How are you feeling about your business strategy and where it is leading your company? Is it not reaping the results you had hoped? Do you even have […]


Are you in a cash flow crunch? Part 2 of 2

In last month’s column, I shared some common missteps businesses make that may be the reason behind poor cash flow, in spite of having plentiful sales. The real question is, what can be done when you still have employees and vendors to pay, orders to fill, and your sanity to maintain? Many business owners become […]