OPINION: In Davidson, vote for Rusty Knox

OPINION. This year marks Davidson’s 180th year of existence, and there ​has not been a more important election in ​recent history. There has been an unsurpassed amount of tension between the current administration and residents—​who want respect from their elected officials as well as responsible growth.
This is an off-year election, but for Davidson, it’s anything but that.

​The Davidson so many people know and love is under attack, not just from development, but from a cavalier, big-government approach to what citizens should know.

The Beaty Street project, otherwise known as Luminous, is one example of the breach of the public’s trust. ​The shockingly low appraisal of the property is another example. ​The lack of leadership in Town Hall appears profound, with a mayor who traveled to Raleigh to make the case for keeping the Cintra toll lane contract. In Cornelius, the mayor did the same—and the Town Board quickly voted to censure him, sadly, a meaningless act, but he opted to not seek re-election.
The current mayor of Davidson would have been wise to do the same.​

Rusty Knox represents the spirit, ethics and sense of Davidson. A successful Realtor and businessman, he understands the rights of property owners as well as what is the heart and soul of Davidson. He has his fingers on the pulse of the community and knows what makes sense as the town considers ​more development.

Knox believes Town Hall has created an environment of distrust that began with the purchase of MI-Connection and has continued year after year, including the recent dealings with the Save Davidson group. He believes the posture that both the town’s staff and elected officials have taken toward their fellow citizens is unacceptable.

If elected, he plans to use the office of Mayor to build relationships with Davidson’s neighbors, along with CMS, Davidson College, and both local and future industry.

His message seems to resonate with both neighbors and residents as he has been endorsed by Save Davidson​, which, as a 501(c)4, has every right to do so.
We hope to see Laurie Venzon, a part-time banking consultant who served as a town board commissioner from 2007-13, run for the board again in the future. She is capable, articulate and transparent.

Rusty Knox​, a native son steeped in a tradition of service, will bring back the confidence in local government, as well as respect for the critical decisions that are best made openly, with an appreciation for the past, present and future and through consensus.


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  1. No question Davidson needs new leadership.
    If I resided there, Rusty would have my vote.

    Posted by John Blakely | November 6, 2017, 5:53 pm

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