bartaco will take over Nina’s, Corkscrew space in Birkdale

bartaco will occupy a prime spot in Birkdale Village. Photo | Birkdale Village

Dec. 21. By TL Bernthal. The bartaco that’s coming to Birkdale Village will go into a prime space created from Nina Boutique’s and Corkscrew Wine Shoppe and Bar’s spaces, according to NAP.

Both Nina’s and Corkscrew lost their leases. Nina’s Boutique is expected to move into Antiquity in Cornelius early next year. No plans have been announced for Corkscrew, which has until mid-January to vacate.

Outdoor seating at bartaco and Red Rocks Cafe will have views of the big screen and stage so is ideal for watching NFL and other games played on  the screen and for concerts. The ice skating rink will be open through Jan. 16.

2 new tenants

A Drybar blowout salon is also coming to Birkdale Village next year. Its location in Birkdale cannot be disclosed yet, according to Britni Johnson,  director of public relations for North American Properties, the owners of Birkdale Village.


2 Responses to “bartaco will take over Nina’s, Corkscrew space in Birkdale”

  1. Just what we need, another big chain restaurant.

    Birkdale has pushed small businesses out for greed and money.


    Posted by DED | December 21, 2022, 2:46 pm
  2. Who edits your articles before publishing? Can’t even spell Birkdale correctly in your headlines.

    Posted by Kelly B | December 22, 2022, 9:54 am

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