World Golf Hall of Fame returning to Pinehurst

July 20. The World Golf Hall of Fame, which was founded in Pinehurst in 1974 and then moved to St. Augustine, Fla. nearly a quarter century ago, is returning to North Carolina in 2024.

The World Golf Hall of Fame was founded in Pinehurst in 1974. It moved to St. Augustine in 1998, but attendance has dwindled.

The move to Pinehurst—and an alignment with USGA—is expected to enhance the long-term relevance and viability of the Hall of Fame

Pinehurst will also host the 2023 U.S. Adaptive Open next July, as well as five future U.S. Open Championships between 2024 and 2047.

Economic impact

According to a 2017 study, golf generated $2.3 billion in direct spending and a total economic impact of $4.2 billion in the state, including nearly 53,000 jobs and total wage income of $1.3 billion.


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