Why are so many people moving to NC, plus nine other states?

In-migration: People are moving to North Carolina in droves

June 6. Based on recent data from Forbes and Click Storage, the top 10 states Americans are moving to are Texas, Florida, South Carolina, North Carolina, Georgia, Tennessee, Nevada, Maine, Delaware, and Idaho.

Each one offers unique attractions and benefits that make them appealing destinations.

Karl Graham from Click Storage analyzed why the Top 10 states are becoming increasingly popular:


“The migration trends in the United States highlight a shift towards states offering a combination of economic opportunities, affordability, and quality of life.” Whether it’s the booming tech hubs in North Carolina and Texas, the sunny beaches of Florida, or the tranquil landscapes of Maine and Idaho, each state has its unique allure,” Graham said.


Between July 1, 2022 and July 1, 2023, North Carolina’s permanent resident population increased by 140,000 people.

Top 10 states people are moving to

1. Texas
Texas, known for its vast landscapes and booming cities, is a hub of economic growth and cultural diversity.

Major cities like Austin, Dallas, and Houston offer vibrant music scenes, diverse culinary experiences, and strong job markets.

Texas attracts newcomers with its low cost of living, no state income tax, and ample job opportunities in industries such as technology, energy, and healthcare.

2. Florida
Florida is synonymous with sunshine, beaches, and a relaxed lifestyle.

Attractions like Orlando’s theme parks, Miami’s nightlife, and the scenic beauty of the Keys draw millions every year.

A mild climate, no state income tax, and a relatively low cost of living make Florida an attractive option for retirees and young families alike.

3. South Carolina
South Carolina offers a blend of historical charm and modern amenities.

Charleston’s historic sites, Myrtle Beach’s resorts, and the Blue Ridge Mountains provide diverse experiences.

Affordable housing, a pleasant climate, and a slower pace of life make South Carolina a desirable destination, with growing manufacturing and technology sectors also being significant draws.

4. North Carolina
Known for its research universities and tech hubs, North Carolina is a state of innovation.

Attractions include the Research Triangle Park, the Blue Ridge Parkway, and vibrant cities like Raleigh and Charlotte.

A moderate cost of living, strong educational institutions, and burgeoning tech and healthcare industries attract both young professionals and families.

5. Georgia
Georgia is a blend of southern hospitality and economic dynamism.

Atlanta’s bustling urban life, Savannah’s historic beauty, and the Appalachian Trail are major attractions.

The state’s growing film industry, low cost of living, and pleasant climate, along with its strategic location, support a strong logistics sector.

6. Tennessee
Tennessee, with its musical heritage and natural beauty, offers a unique lifestyle.

Attractions like Nashville’s country music scene, the Great Smoky Mountains, and Memphis’s blues history are major draws.

A low cost of living, no state income tax, and a burgeoning healthcare sector are key reasons for its popularity.

7. Nevada
Nevada is known for its desert landscapes and vibrant entertainment industry.

Las Vegas’s entertainment scene, Lake Tahoe’s outdoor activities, and Reno’s growing tech sector are significant attractions.

No state income tax, a lower cost of living compared to neighboring California, and a thriving hospitality industry make Nevada an attractive choice for Americans.

8. Maine
Maine offers a tranquil lifestyle with scenic coastal beauty.

Attractions include Acadia National Park, Portland’s food scene, and picturesque lighthouses.

Maine’s low crime rate, high quality of life, and affordable housing, combined with a focus on community and environmental sustainability, appeal to many.

9. Delaware
Delaware combines small-town charm with business-friendly policies.

Attractions like Rehoboth Beach, tax-free shopping, and historic towns like Dover are notable.

No state sales tax, a favorable business environment, and proximity to major urban centers like Philadelphia and Washington, D.C., make Delaware appealing.

10. Idaho
Idaho is gaining recognition for its natural beauty and outdoor lifestyle.

Boise’s growing cultural scene, Sun Valley’s skiing, and the vast wilderness areas are key attractions.

Idaho offers a low cost of living, a booming job market, and abundant recreational opportunities, making it compelling for both families and retirees.


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  1. It’s interesting that I did not read; weather as one of the key factors in why people are moving to North Carolina. I have a database of well over 16,000 people interested in relocating to North Carolina and buying a small business. Their top reason, as they often tell me, is almost always the weather.

    Posted by Joe a vagnone | June 6, 2024, 7:17 pm

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