‘Trash the Mask’ event at Concord Mills causes concern

Photo courtesy of Simon Properties

Dec. 11. The Concord Police Dept. is paying attention to the “Trash the Mask” event posted across social media platforms by individuals not affiliated with the mall. The city says they “will continue to work with Simon Property officials to determine an appropriate course of action.” Simon Property is the owner of the mall, one of the biggest tourist attractions in the state.

This comes amidst a holiday season that has been dramatically changed by the pandemic. Survey data indicates 38.7 million shoppers placed at least one online delivery or pickup grocery order during the prior 30 days. That’s up from 37.5 million in August but down from 45.6 million in June.

A Trash the Mask organizer, who said she will be wearing a blue Trump cap on Facebook, said the group will eat dinner in the food court and “then head out as a group within the mall at 7:15 pm to the various stores people want to shop at.”

‘King Cooper’

“With the new ‘King Cooper’ mandates in place, we may have some push back,” the Facebook poster said.

Gov. Cooper’s new statewide curfew begins tonight at 10.

The trespassing process

Simon Properties says they will inform shoppers about the Governor’s Executive Order if they are seen not wearing a mask on the property while not actively consuming food or drink.

Mall personnel will offer a free mask for those who do not have one available. Per Simon Property management, their personnel will ask those continuing to deny using a mask to vacate mall property.

Once an individual is asked to leave and does not comply, Simon Properties has been advised to contact Concord Police.

As with any trespassing report on private property, Concord Police has the authority to escort individuals off the property and issue a trespassing charge.


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