Town OKs Davidson Condos project

Photo Town of Davidson

Oct. 11. The Davidson Board of Commissioners approved the Davidson Condos project and the accompanying conditions on Sept. 13.

The + 0.88-acre parcel at 589 Portside Drive lies in the Lakeshore Planning Area, which requires a minimum 5% open space on-site and preservation of the lake shoreline for public use.

The proposal by developer Jake Palillo of Cornelius includes six residential units in a single building with parking beneath the building.

The project must still be approved by Town of Davidson and Mecklenburg County staff after final technical reviews. Additionally, the building’s architecture must receive approval by the Town of Davidson Design Review Board. Beyond these conceptual exercises, the project must submit construction documents for review/approval.

Another Palillo project

Davidson also approved the master plan in September for a different Palillo project at 18647 Davidson-Concord Rd. The next step is for the project team to provide construction documents for technical review by town/county staff.

The proposal includes 12 lots including 10 single-family homes and 4 duplex units  as well as internal public spaces and greenway connections on + 5.53 acres.

Additionally, the plan proposes extending Boulder Rock Loop to the site and adding a multi-use path segment on Davidson-Concord Road.

Potts Development

The Potts Development proposal is to develop  15.441± acres on Potts Street to build 242 multi-family residences. The development would include public open space including a neighborhood park, dog park and a multi-use path.

Ending litigation, the Davidson Acquisition Company, et. al. and the Town of Davidson have signed an agreement that outlines the next steps the developer, Crescent Communities LLC, must take in order to move the Potts Development project forward.

Stay tuned.


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  1. We are under the impression that there is sewer problem in our area- how can Jake build condos? What about the condo’s at Bailey’s Glen or paving our roads?

    Posted by Patty King | October 11, 2022, 8:31 pm

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