The City of Kannapolis will give carousel a spin

The City of Kannapolis will give carousel a spin

July 14. The City of Kannapolis will pay $228,000 for a classic Italian carousel from a now-closed mall in Illinois. The 1989 Bertazzon Carousel has 570 lights, Brazilian oak decking, and handpainted Venetian murals.

A carousel—this one holds 68 people and is handicap accessible—has been part of the Village Park master plan which dates back to 2001.

The master plan also calls for additional water feature and improvements to the amphitheater. Kannapolis recently completed a parks and recreation master plan for the entire city. The citywide plan calls for additional parks, greenways and athletic fields.

The city will build a structure to enclose the carousel, similar to the one that protects the Rotary Express Train. Staff will be working on cost estimates and design of this structure.

It is expected to be operational next year.


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