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Charlotte’s turbo vote on CRTPO may face test

TRANSPORTATION ISSUES | By Dave Vieser July 13. Efforts to change the heavily weighted voting system employed by the Charlotte Regional Transportation Planning Organization (CRTPO) were officially launched in June when the Cornelius Town Board passed a resolution which urges CRTPO to adopt an unweighted voting structure. Under the proposed system, every municipal entity’s vote […]


Charlotte workers who didn’t commute last year saved more than $3,000

Jan. 21. Due to the ongoing pandemic, many Americans spent the last year working from home, doing away with commuting and the costs of commuting. How much money did we save in 2021 by not going to the office? Using US Census Bureau and AAA data, Today Testing studied the commute times in 100 US […]


Toll lanes are likely to help interstate commerce in SC

By Dave Vieser. While much of the discussion concerning the I-77 toll lanes has been concentrated on the impact on residents and commuters, they will have a profoundly positive impact on trucking between Charleston and Greenville, SC. South Carolina is already stepping up to the plate, says Mecklenburg County Commissioner Jim Puckett. “South Carolina is […]