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Opinion: Sustainable electricity we can rely on

Jan. 19. [Opinion] By Gov. Roy Cooper. North Carolinians deserve reliable, sustainable electricity at a reasonable cost, but because of increasingly severe weather and aging fossil fuel plants, that result could be less certain. That’s why we now have a plan to ensure more reliable and sustainable electricity by moving more quickly toward low-cost renewable […]

EnergyUnited CEO will retire after long career

Feb. 28. Wayne Wilkins, chief executive officer of EnergyUnited, has announced his retirement after serving over 50 years in the energy industry. In addition to serving as chief executive officer of EnergyUnited for the past 15 years, Wilkins also notably served as chief executive officer of Davidson EMC for 16 years, prior to the cooperative’s […]


Industry expert: Gas prices poised to climb

Feb. 1. By Dave Yochum. Retail gasoline prices rose across the United States in 2021 with the average price for regular  increasing to $3.01 per gallon nationwide. The average US retail gasoline price began 2021 at $2.25 a gallon. The average price first passed $3 on May 17, after disruptions to Colonial Pipeline operations. When […]


Gasoline whisperer: Kloza says air travel likely won’t be affected

May 12. By Dave Yochum. On Day 5 of the Colonial Pipeline shutdown getting gasoline is a hit-or-miss affair. Some Lake Norman stations have it, some don’t, and it looks like it will stay that way in the short-term as wholesalers dole out what gasoline they have. Among stations that have gasoline, prices can be […]