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Who’s there? Who cares? Who gets it?

June 30. By Cheryl Kane. When a service is needed, the quickest return call is often the one who gets the job. The same is true of peer-to-peer, or subordinate to supervisor communications or vice-versa. Those who are reasonably responsive are those who build relationships, create relationships built on reliability, and gain repeat business due […]

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Is working from home sustainable over the long term? 

June 8. By Cheryl Kane. Work from home (WFH), remote work, and flexible hours have become common. Many claim this shift, originally due to COVID, is permanent. Some say it is a necessary benefit to competitively attract desirable employees in this labor-short market. Its benefits are extolled by employees and employers. This all sounds too […]


Charlotte workers who didn’t commute last year saved more than $3,000

Jan. 21. Due to the ongoing pandemic, many Americans spent the last year working from home, doing away with commuting and the costs of commuting. How much money did we save in 2021 by not going to the office? Using US Census Bureau and AAA data, Today Testing studied the commute times in 100 US […]