Siemens Energy investing $150 million in Meck County expansion

Siemens Energy expansion | Photo: City of Charlotte

Feb. 14. Siemens Energy, one of the world’s leading energy technology companies, will invest $150 million to expand its current facility located off Westinghouse Boulevard in Charlotte.

It means 475 new jobs with an average salary of $82,052 a year.

“We are excited to have Siemens Energy choose Charlotte for its advanced manufacturing facility,” said Charlotte Mayor Vi Lyles. “Siemens Energy has been a valued corporate partner in our community for many years, and this added investment will create jobs, drive economic growth in our city, and contribute to our nation’s well-being.”

The advanced manufacturing facility will produce large power transformers. The US Department of Energy recently highlighted the need for a strong domestic manufacturing base for national security concerns.

“Manufacturing large power transformers in the United States will strengthen and expand our electrical grid to incorporate more renewable energy and meet growing energy demand,” said Tim Holt, a member of the executive board of Siemens.

The 150-year-old company has nearly 100,000 employees in 90 countries.


Gov. Roy Cooper said producing high voltage transformers onshore makes our electric grid more resilient and ready for the transition to clean energy.

Among the new jobs: Logistics, mechanics, assembly, maintenance, engineering and project management.



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