Retail construction will start in spring at Alexander Farm

Alexander Farm construction

INTERVIEW | By Dave Vieser

March 13. As so often happens with major developments, all didn’t go as planned and the $110 million Alexander Farm mixed-use project is running about two years behind. That said, McInerney is still confident that residents will be pleased with the final product.

Here’s the very latest, from an exclusive Cornelius/Business Today interview:

Cornelius Today: Can you elaborate on why the project is behind schedule?


McInerney: At the beginning, we lost time due to a number of permitting issues. I’m sure folks also noticed a slow-down in work during the latter part of 2023, along with January of this year. This was mostly due to the holidays and also some inclement weather that we were waiting out. It appears that we are now proceeding at a good pace. At this rate, I would estimate that our first store will open in the spring of 2025.

CT: Speaking of retail, can you give our readers an updated list of tenants?

McInerney: Sure, our current list includes Lidl, Heartland Dental,  Veterinary Emergency Clinic, Firehouse Subs, Caribou Coffee, Jeremiah’s Italian Ice, Papa John’s and Viva Nails

CT: The original plans were for the commercial portion closest to West Catawba Avenue to be built first. What happened?

“If all goes as planned, the first retail store should open in early 2023.”

Jesse McInerney, managing partner of WIN Development, developers of Alexander Farm (March 2022)

McInerney: Due to the sequencing of construction the site contractor decided it would be best to start at the rear of the site, where the residential will be. This is where they are focusing their efforts now as they work their way forward. Many residents may have already noticed that the residential lots at the rear already have some components of the roads and other utility infrastructure installed.

CT: Will this timetable have any impact on the construction of the internal road system and Eagle Ridge Way?

McInerney: It shouldn’t. Work is beginning on the creek crossing that connects the front commercial elements to the residential lots at the rear. This work should wrap up later this spring. Hunter Construction, our site preparation firm, has just commenced work on Eagle Ridge Way, the main corridor which will wind through the commercial (front) aspects of the development. I cannot speak for River Rock, but as I understand it, they plan to start work on the multi-family/active adult building in the very near future. Hunter plans to wrap up the master infrastructure package, which includes the roads, stormwater and utilities by June of this year. We plan to start vertical construction on the retail buildings just before then.

CT: What is the status of road improvements in that area?

McInerney: Our approvals with the Town and NCDOT remain in effect. Several interim improvements will tie into permanent improvements which they have planned for the area. For example, we will be widening Westmoreland slightly, from the planned roundabout at Eagle Ridge Road to our entrance across from Robbins Park. In addition, all our entrances will have inbound turn lanes.


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