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Red Dome Group clients win big at March 15 primary

March 21.  Political consulting firm Red Dome Group had a hugely successful night as 9 of its 11 North Carolina state legislative clients facing a contested primary won their races and will advance to the November general election.  Despite facing an electorate that voted for Donald Trump by over 40%, every incumbent working with Red Dome Group won in the primary race.

Rick Horner won the closest open-seat senate race in the state, 52-48.  In another contested primary, Sen. David Curtis faced a tough challenge from Sen. Chris Carney, who had previously held the seat and had long-standing ties to the more populous areas of the district.  Despite this strong challenge, Senator Curtis won a tight race 51-49.

All six of Red Dome Group’s incumbent North Carolina House clients facing contested primaries won, by an average margin of 16.4%.  Red Dome Group also consulted two independent expenditure groups supporting Rep. Nelson Dollar, who won by 12 points despite being targeted by Americans for Prosperity and another outside group that spent at least $40,000 against him.

Among open seat races, Larry Strickland received more than 50% of the vote in a spirited three-way race, defeating the sitting chairman of the Johnston County Board of Commissioners.

Outside of North Carolina, one of the firm’s biggest successes of the night came in Ohio as former Ohio House Speaker Larry Householder handily won a primary to retake his old seat, which he vacated in 2004.  Despite facing tens of thousands of dollars in negative mailers and radio ads by outside groups, Householder won with 64% of the vote.

Red Dome Group’s services include issue advocacy, grassroots mobilization, strategic communications and direct mail campaigns.

Red Dome Group’s clients have won 76 percent of their 2016 contests.  Listed below are Red Dome Group’s clients who will appear on the Republican ballot in November.

Sen. David Curtis – N. C. Senate District 44
Rick Horner – N. C. Senate District 11
Fmr. Speaker Larry Householder – Ohio House District 72
Deputy Majority Whip Jamie Boles – N. C. House District 52
Rep. Nelson Dollar – N. C. House District 36
Rep. Harry Warren – N. C. House District 77
Rep. Linda Johnson – N. C. House District 83
Rep. Jonathan Jordan – N. C. House District 93
Rep. Frank Iler – N. C. House District 17
Rep. Michele Presnell – N. C. House District 118
Former Rep. John Sauls – N. C. House District 51
Larry Strickland – N. C. House District 28
Brenden Jones – N. C. House District 46
Andy Dulin – N. C. House District 10


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