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Planning Kannapolis from the grass roots

Kannapolis is in the midst of a majr transformation with new people and businesses moving to the City. Redevelopment, new neighborhoods, road improvements and economic development initiatives are bringing opportunities for residents. To make the planning process more collaborative, the city is organizing Move Kannapolis Forward.

The public is invited to attend the Move Kannapolis Forward Summit, 6- 8 p.m., April 11, at Kannapolis City Hall. The evening will include interactive sessions to facilitate input.

Move Kannapolis Forward is a community-driven process to update the city’s comprehensive plan and establish a renewed vision that will serve as a blueprint for the  future. This process will establish the city’s broadest public policy document, setting forth long-range vision, goals, and policies for transportation, housing, development, the environment, the economy, and public services.

The comprehensive plan is important because of the numerous initiatives currently moving forward in downtown and throughout the city. The plan will help coordinate the many existing, ongoing, and future plans and projects.

More info: 704-920-4358.


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