PINE event venue opening in NoDa

PINE in NoDa: New event venue

May 8. PINE, a new event and wedding venue in NoDa, will hold a grand opening from 5 pm to 8 pm on May 15.

The facility features white walls, chandeliers, tall ceilings, a built-in bar, and over 6,300 square feet of indoor event space on the main level as well as a fully furnished lounge located on the mezzanine level. In-house services and amenities include tables, chairs, two private client rooms and a catering kitchenette.

Grand opening

Desserts and drinks will be served. Complimentary tickets can be reserved here:

More info: Halee McKinney at [email protected].

PINE is the newest addition to the parent company ( with facilities in San Diego, Denver, Seattle, Kansas City, Carmel, Indianapolis, Nashville, including the newest in Charlotte. 


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  1. Man, that fancy new PINE venue opening up in NoDa really takes me back to the good ol’ days. I used to own this little strip mall on 36th Street, just a stone’s throw from where PINE is now. The area was a bit…let’s say “rough around the edges” back then. My wife, dubbed my place the “Nightmare on 36th Street”!
    Look at NoDa now though – a total hotspot busting with art, culture, and now high-end event spaces like PINE. Just goes to show how neighborhoods can make an absolute 180 when the right people roll up their sleeves. Who would’ve thought the so-called “Nightmare” would transform into one of Charlotte’s trendiest hangouts?
    It’s got me thinking about the potential right here in our very own Smithville. With some creative visionaries and community teamwork, we could easily turn this area into the next big thing – just like NoDa went from “nightmare” fuel to a dream destination.
    Heck, let me tell you, I had a crystal ball back when I was slapping a new coat of paint on that strip mall and patching up the roof with all the tar I could carry. I even invested in some trendy street murals to deter any taggers!
    Hey, maybe I started the NoDa revitalization trend…&….. every other ambitious visionary was just as willing to risk their time, energy, and money.
    Back in the late 80s, I wasn’t thinking I was ahead of the curve. I was just trying to rent out spaces to a barber shop and… Was it, a nightclub? Man, those were tough days. Anyway, the point is, let don’t write off Smithville just because of how it looks now.
    PINE proves even the roughest areas can blossom into something amazing when the community bands together with a shared vision. Though maybe keep my wife away from nicknaming any properties – for all our sakes!
    We’ve got a real opportunity here to create a unique live-work-play district right next to downtown. The possibilities are endless if we think big and don’t rely on the local government to wave a magic wand. These trendy neighborhoods are market-driven success stories with public support.
    So let’s put our thinking caps on, Smithville! With an open mind and some entrepreneurial spirit, we can make this the next great neighborhood revival story. Worked for NoDa, so why not us? Just don’t let my wife anywhere near a nickname for the area…
    Of course, I’m not really okay with “NoDa” either – who came up with that? I bet it was some wife saying to her husband of 30 years, “Hey honey, did you know that neighborhood where you had a shopping center is a really nice area now?” And his response could have been, “Aah, NO-DA, where have you been for the last 20 years?”

    Posted by Joe a vagnone | May 14, 2024, 12:46 pm

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