Pickleball/Top Golf/restaurant complex coming to Cornelius

Robin and Jack Salzman

Nov. 20. Local Entrepreneurs and Philanthropists Jack and Robin Salzman plan to build a pickleball, restaurant, café and Top Golf complex on a 6.3 acre site on Chartown Drive south of Life Fellowship Church fronting I-77 in Cornelius.

The independent recreation amenity will feature semi-private pickleball, a restaurant, a café and community non-profit concept featuring 16 pickleball courts and four Top Golf simulator suites.

Opening in a year

When completed in the fourth quarter of next year, Serve Pickleball + Kitchen will employ 50 people.

The 65,000 square foot project will include 45,000 square feet of multipurpose indoor space as well as 25,000 square feet of outdoor recreation space for dining, drinks and community interaction.

The Salzmans, former 20-year owners of Lake Norman Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram, said Serve Pickleball + Kitchen will include a community room that will host up to 50 people for private events as well as four Top Golf Swing Suites powered by Full Swing.


Groundbreaking is expected to take place in mid- to late-march, after gaining necessary approvals.

Total investment: $15 million.

The Salzmans said partnering with Top Golf brings the most iconic courses in golf and is the officially licensed simulator of the PGA tour. The Full Swing simulator also provides High Heat Pitching, QB Challenge, Soccer and Hockey.

Serve Pickleball + Kitchen targets a growing demand for pickleball in an area where access to courts is a concern for active players.


With more than 4.8 million participants nationwide, and a growth of 39.3 percent over the last two years, pickleball officially became the fastest-growing sport in America for the second year in a row, according to The Sports & Fitness Industry Association (SFIA) 2022 Sports, Fitness, and Leisure Activities Topline Participation Report.


The Serve Pickleball + Kitchen will offer a limited number of memberships and create a hub for residents and visitors alike. Residents and visitors can expect to see numerous community-focused charity events each month as well.

The general contractor for the project is Spectrum Building Co. and the architect is Praxis3. Larry Shaheen is the developer.


5 Responses to “Pickleball/Top Golf/restaurant complex coming to Cornelius”

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    Yes! What a great add to our community. Crossing my fingers for a customer service job.

    Posted by Jennifer Hope | November 20, 2023, 6:20 pm
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    Posted by Carol Weiss | November 20, 2023, 7:00 pm
  3. Robin and Jack Salzman continue to be a Lake Norman treasure. Their entrepreneurship and benevolence are profound. We are so fortunate to have couples like the Jack and Robin Salzman, Bill and Ericka Cain, Bob and Louise Cashion, and Bob and Ann McIntosh who have made Lake Norman their home. They continue to be an inspiring role model for us all.

    Posted by Bill Russell | November 21, 2023, 4:04 pm
  4. While sounding completely wonderful, what road infrastructure will accommodate this increase in traffic? West of 77 in Cornelius is becoming almost undrivable at times. I hope this new complex, plus the new car dealership can actually get consistent customer flow – folks can’t patronize if they can’t drive there easily. I’m hoping Washam got the message loud and clear after this last extremely close election (by 5 votes) that TRAFFIC is priority number one for the citizens.

    Posted by Tyler Straus | November 22, 2023, 11:47 am
  5. This is proposed right the backyards of Magnolia Eatates and Westmereland Residents. How does 25,000 square feet of outdoor recreation space for dining, drinks and community interaction make sense to put next to residential? Does this town have an Urban Development professional that knows to separate entertainment facilities and car dealerships from residential? It’s already bad enough with the traffic, constant car alarms and light pollution from the new dealership that the commissioners from the previous term approved! Why is this even being condidered? A professional business complex that produces minimal traffic, noise and light pollution is the best fit.
    In fact, nothing we were promised with the car dealership to mitigate the noise and lights has even been put in to place. We are still fighting for the promised trees and correct light fixtures. The noise is still a problem from Boatyard Eats and the dealership. This will just add to the stack of problems we are already dealing with as a town.

    Posted by Melanie | November 22, 2023, 2:06 pm

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