Online work-based learning tool links classrooms with careers

Dec. 5. Gov. Roy Cooper has announced a free online tool to help connect education and careers. The new work-based learning tool, called The Navigator, links business, education, and workforce development communities online so they can post, search for and measure work-based learning opportunities. The opportunities range from guest speaking roles to apprenticeships, posted by businesses and used by educators.

The Navigator will debut at the December 7 Experience More Summit on Work-Based Learning hosted by the North Carolina Business Committee for Education. To tour The Navigator, visit:

The Navigator platform was developed through a partnership between the governor’s office, Fidelity Investments and the North Carolina Business Committee for Education. It is populated by employers who list virtual and in-person work-based learning activities. Educators, counselors and job coaches then go online to ‘shop’ for those opportunities. There is no cost to list and no cost to shop.

“In a 21st century economy, we can make every day career day, and to succeed in connecting education to careers, putting employers and educators together to give students a real taste of the skills they need,” said Cooper. “The Navigator platform streamlines this connection and helps our students get real-world exposure that will help them chart the best educational path.”

Given the rising cost of higher education, it is important that students and job seekers have a chance to explore different careers opportunities. “Sometimes learning what you do not like is as valuable as learning what you do like,” said Ashlie Bucy, Deputy Director at the North Carolina Business Committee for Education.

Fidelity Investments has already worked with nearly 1,000 local educators, reaching nearly 150,000 students. The Navigator will enable help Fidelity make a greater impact state-wide, according to Thomas Ryan, senior VP.

The Experience More Summit focuses on scaling real-world learning for real-life success. Beginning Dec. 12, the Navigator will be connected to the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction’s Home Base, the state’s suite of digital instructional tools for public school educators. The Navigator development team hopes to build integrations with individual community colleges and local area workforce boards in the coming year.



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