Novant takes $40 million step to reduce turnover

Jan. 28. Burn-out and the Great Resignation are serious in the healthcare industry: Novant will spend $40 million to give every employee either an additional week of paid time off (PTO) or an equivalent cash award.

“We recognize that we must care for our team members first so that they are able to care for others, and I am proud we are able to extend this surprise reward to them,” said Novant CEO Carl Armato.

Part-time workers will receive an additional 24 hours of PTO or the cash equivalent.

Burnout is rampant throughout many industries, health-care in particular. Long hours, staffing shortages and challenges among patients and familes is causing a talent drain in the industry.

Novant, based in Winston-Salem, is Charlotte’s second-largest health-care provider, employing 12,000 people here.


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