New sundeck dawns at Speedway

April 21. Charlotte Motor Speedway’s newest modernization project is the “Turn 4 Sun Deck,” a 42,000-square-foot deck that will include food and beverage service, restroom facilities, picnic and high-top tables and a wide concourse with room for live music acts, corn hole and other entertainment.

It will resemble the mingling areas at the newest ball parks around the country.

“Today more than ever we’re seeing fans who want new ways to enjoy sporting events that go beyond the traditional at-track experience,” said Marcus Smith, CEO. “Fans want to feel that sense of community. They want the flexibility to leave their seats to interact with other fans and have fun, but they still want to stay on top of the action.”

The Turn 4 Sun Deck will also feature solar panels to help reduce the speedway’s carbon footprint.

Consisting of 960 photovoltaic modules or solar panels, it is estimated that the Turn 4 Sun Deck will collect more than 375,000 kilowatt hours of energy annually. That amount would be enough to power all of the more than 3 million LED lights at Speedway Christmas for more than a year, the 16,000-square-foot Speedway TV for three months or 416 average American homes for a month.


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