New innkeepers take hospitality to heart

​Hoteliers: Mariano and Caroline Doble bought the Davidson Village Inn

By Katie Piccirillo Sherman. The new owners of the Davidson Village Inn, Mariano and Caroline Doble, say hospitality comes from the heart. “It runs in your veins…and when properly executed, it’s marvelous and contagious,” Mariano says.

The Marianos purchased the charming 18-room boutique hotel in October for an undisclosed amount.

Mariano Doble would not say how much he paid for the business, but Mecklenburg County property records indicate the property itself changed hands  for $2.585 million.

With an average occupancy rate of 76 percent—and an industry that’s guaranteed to not be off-shored—the hotel business is good. Being a block from a revenue-generator like Davidson College is icing on the cake.

“We create a hospitable environment by recruiting and retaining a team of people that is truly hospitable, that nurtures, promotes and exemplify this culture in everything they do,” Mariano says. They’ve already repainted rooms and improved the  wireless network. There are new breakfast and tea offerings.

The Dobles, who  by nature are gracious and hospitable, both graduated with degrees in hospitality; Mariano from Florida International University and Caroline from St. Thomas University.

Caroline has worked for Intercontinental Hotels, Ogden Aviation, The Fontainebleau Hilton, Loews L’Enfant Plaza and Casa de Campo Resort.

Mariano held a range of positions—from front desk clerk to general manager—at properties like Jaragua Resort & Spa, The Alexander Hotel, The Castle Hotel, Casa de Campo Resort and Boca Chica Resort.

He spent several years working at international posts in the telecommunication industry, but longed to return to hospitality.

Their decision to purchase Davidson Village Inn had a lot to do with finding the right boutique property with an excellent reputation, strong  occupancy and mild weather.

“Caroline and I were looking to return to our hospitality roots and initially pursued a property close to the beach,” says Mariano, who  is originally from Puerto Rico.

The Dobles say Davidson has been idyllic.

“From working with the Clark’s [the previous owners] and Town Hall to partnering with Davidson College and local corporations and businesses, everyone’s been very welcoming,” Mariano says.

“We would like our customers to arrive as guests, stay as friends and return as family,” Mariano says.


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