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New executive director at Davidson Community Players

Steve Kaliski

July 27. 2007 Davidson College grad Steve Kaliski is the new executive director of Davidson Community Players (DCP). He spent an “amazing” 11 years in New York where he worked on two Broadway musicals, wrote and produced several of his own plays, got a directing MFA from Brooklyn College and founded a theatre company.

“When we wanted a little more space and little less stress, we decided to say farewell to New York, and I accepted a job on the theatre faculty at Davidson College,” he said. Even though COVID dramatically affected some of the five years he’s been here, it has also been a creative time.

“I’ve done some acting and directing, helped found Charlotte Conservatory Theatre, and decided that this is the place I want to put down my artistic roots,” Kaliski said.


He takes over from Matt Merrell who retired after 12 years as DCP’s executive director, who is credited with transforming the community theatre into a creative hub where art, culture and community coalesce.


“I have the great fortune of entering a healthy organization at a time in which so many theatre companies are faltering. As our world changes around us, I look forward to working with you all to ensure that DCP remains an indispensable part of this town and entire region’s cultural life.”

—Steve Kaliski


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