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Sept. 1. Krista Endsley is the new CEO at LINQ, a leading technology provider of K-12 school district operations software. Adam Hooks, who served as CEO since 2018, has now taken the role of president and GM of the LINQ Enterprise business unit. In this role, Hooks will focus on further developing LINQ’s ERP and Digital solution suites to help school districts manage their business efficiently.

“Krista will be an exceptional addition to the LINQ team,” said Hooks. “She brings with her over 20 years of experience leading technology companies, and when you pair that with her decade of experience with non-profits, government organizations and associations, Krista is a natural fit for the K-12 sector. Her proven track record of powerful leadership and strategic growth makes Krista the perfect person to usher LINQ into a new era of K-12 school operations.”

Endsley said she is intrigued by the current state of the K-12 technology industry and excited to create an organization that drives innovation through its people.

“It is such an interesting time in the education industry and I’m excited to lead a company with such a strong foothold in that sector,” Endsley said.


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