Mooresville outfit adopts ESOP to help spur growth

AMS Retail Solutions says a new ESOP and a new contract with Samsung Home Appliances will help the Mooesville company to double its size to 1,000 employees.


In the past nine months, AMS has acquired its largest customer by “having the industry’s best workforce and capabilities,” said AMS chairman and chief operating officer Bruce Ballard.

An Employee Stock Ownership Plan, which gives ownership to the people who helped build the company, will help with recruiting in a tight labor market.

“It is the right time to share with the people who made us successful and to further differentiate AMS from private-equity owned competitors,” Ballard said.

AMS works with large, global brands across all 50 states and Canada.

Started in 1999 as an exclusive in-store merchandising service provider to American Water Heater Company (AWHC) in Tennessee, AMS’ clients include  Husqvarna, Bissell, Bosch Home Appliances and Bosch Power Tools as well as Samsung Home Appliances.

AMS employees work in large retailers like Lowe’s and Best Buy, representing clients’ technologically advanced and innovative products.

AMS personnel educate retailers’ sales associates/managers to increase recommendations for their clients’ products and drive incremental sales through training, merchandising, product demonstrations and assisted selling events.

Nearly all AMS U.S. employees can be company owners, including part-time employees age 21 and older who work more than 1,000 hours annually.

Vesting is over a six-year period, and AMS will accelerate vesting by one year for every four years of prior continuous service.


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