Linder plans regional HQ in Kannapolis

Nov. 11. The Kannapolis City Council will consider tax incentives for Linder Industrial Machinery which plans to build a regional headquarters on Davidson Highway. The company, which sells earth moving and paving equipment, plans a 39,000 square foot facility with a total investment of $7.6 million, over the next five years. The firm will relocate 40 existing sales and service positions and hire 75 headquarter employees over the next five years. Average salaries range from $73,000 to $88,000. Annual property taxes the firm will pay to the City will be approximately $47,880.

In exchange, tax incentives from Kannapolis would total $37,500. Linder will use the site for retail sales, service and training. The firm anticipates hosting training sessions 34 weeks out of the year which will bring business to area hotels and restaurants. The company has additional retail and sales locations in Florida, South Carolina and North Carolina.


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