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Letter to the editor: Birkdale owner/developer licks wounds, vows to try again

April 12. [Opinion] Mr. Perry’s comments are once again a continuance of his disingenuous statements and claims.

NIck O’Shaughnessy. Photo | Facebook

Had he even contacted our group one time during the rezoning process the outcome may have been different. His zoom meetings with a few HOA members did not represent our community’s position on the rezoning.

Had NAP demonstrated that they can successfully complete their Phase 1 “Reimagining“ in the center of the Parkway perhaps that would give our community some confidence in their ability. The splash pad remains broken since Christmas. Two unfinished frame structures are on hold pending Building Permit compliance.

Birkdale Village beer garden

Two jewel box tenants have already left and two units apparently flood when it rains. Townley Road closure continues way beyond the dates stated. NAP’s competence level does not seem to match Mr Perry’s claims which can only be regarded now as nothing more than disingenuous marketing projections.

His claims that his concierge staff were berated etc by any of our community are pure fiction.

NAP need to focus on completing Phase 1 successfully before they consider any Phase 2 projects.

—Nick O’Shaughnessy, Owner/Broker-in-Charge
O’Shaughnessy Realty and Development

O’Shaughnessy is a resident of The Greens in Birkdale


3 Responses to “Letter to the editor: Birkdale owner/developer licks wounds, vows to try again”

  1. Thank you for your comments!!!

    Posted by Penelope Talboys | April 12, 2023, 11:42 am
  2. Spot on Nick!

    Posted by Mike | April 12, 2023, 12:13 pm
  3. Very well said Nick. It is TRUE that if NAP would have had a sit down with the concerned residents to “iron” out the differences then it would not have taken months to make decisions or come to terms. There were some very educated persons in the group trying to protect the integrity of the Village giving up their time in meetings. Those that weren’t involved should be THANKING them in a big way for their actions and commitment.

    Posted by Kitty Giese | April 15, 2023, 4:31 pm

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