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Lake Norman Chamber supports I-77 Committee recommendations

The Lake Norman Chamber of Commerce has announced its support for the recommendations made by the I-77 Advisory Committee and has requested DOT Secretary of Transportation James Trogdon to strongly consider the group’s suggestions.recommendations.Those include:
Allow I-77 Mobility Partners to complete construction.

  • Upon completion, NCDOT buys out the contract
  • Road improvement projects funded by ‘Bonus’ allocation dollars are not interrupted
  • CRTPO is not involved in NCDOT decision making regarding alterations to the corridor
  • One toll lane is converted to a general purpose lane from exit 18 to exit 28 in both directions
  • The toll lane from exit 28 to exit 36 is converted to a general purpose lane in both directions
  • The shoulder is hardened from exit 23 to exit 28 in both directions to be used during peak traffic times

Last year Mecklenburg Commissioner Jim Puckett suggested forming an Advisory Group which could provide input on the Mercator consultant’s report as well as discuss the economic impact of tolls and other options. Since January of this year, the I-77 Policy Advisory Group has met seven times to carefully study this issue from nearly every possible perspective from concept to impact.


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