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Huntersville CEO is the first female chair of NC Private Protective Services Board

Oct. 18. Tamara Rabenold, CEO of Huntersville-based Vaudra International, is the new chair off the NC Private Protective Services Board. A licensed private investigator since 2004, she is the first woman to serve as chair since the noard was created 50 years ago.

The PPSB is under the Department of Public Safety and helps regulate those engaged in the investigative and security professions to include armed and unarmed private investigators, security guards, closed personal protection agents, polygraph examiners, armored cars and digital forensic examiners.

Tamara Rabenold

Vaudra, which has four full-time employees as well as an array of contractors worldwide, provides investigative solutions to address the trademark owner, brand or counsel’s IP concerns and corporate objectives.


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