Hot Properties: Million-dollar deals

Aug. 14. Recent home sales over $1 million.

$3,550,000 Alan & Kimberly Cunningham to Eric & Arpita Buesing, 20911 Cinnamon Tree Ln., Cornelius

$1,800,000 Ryan & Louisa Stamm to Vincent & Whitney Palazzi, 20338 Christolfe Dr., Cornelius

$1,675,000 Amanda Shelton & Joseph Shelton to Chad & Kathleen Keene, 16823 Reinsch Dr., Davidson

$1,670,000 Christopher & Christa Davy to Apram Basra & Sharad Nangia, 9111 Robbins Preserve Rd., Cornelius

$1,650,000 Peter Gaston to Daniele Parise & Susan Yamuk, 18631 Town Harbour Rd., Cornelius

$1,395,000 Christopher & Michelle Sain to Diane Laczko, 1101 San Michele Pl., Davidson

$1,375,000 Melissa Lynch to Michael & Elodie Delp, 16215 Sasanoa Dr., Cornelius

$1,175,000 Earl & Sandra McConnell to Joseph & Elizabeth Cotrone, 16601 Mizzen Ct., Cornelius


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  1. The architecture for these homes is incredible. Specifically the Town Harbour Road home in Cornelius, which I have driven past several times on my way to one of my land surveying projects.

    Posted by Travis Williams | August 24, 2023, 3:30 pm

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