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Ginny Mackin is keynote speaker at Top Women Champagne Reception

By Katie Piccirillo Sherman. Ginny Mackin, a 35-year communications veteran


of world-class companies, will be the  speaker at Business Today’s 15th Annual Top Women Champagne Reception & Mini Business Expo on Oct. 17.

Mackin has led critical communications efforts for large, multinational companies such as Bank of America, Wells Fargo Corp., Duke Energy and Ingersoll Rand.

At Bank of America, she was recruited by legendary banker Hugh McColl to help build the national visibility of one of the largest financial institutions in the world.

She successfully positioned McColl as a business leader on a national scale.


Her mentor is the late Joe Martin, a beloved top executive and advisor to McColl. He died of ALS in 2006 but Mackin still considers his counsel among her highest achievements.

“Joe [Martin] believed in me more than I believed in myself. His faith allowed me to trust my instincts.”

She is on the board of The Joe Martin ALS Foundation.

At  Wells Fargo she led efforts to rebuild the company’s reputation in the East and re-engage employees after the Wachovia merger.


Grace & Stone Communications is her new venture based in Cornelius. She tries to understand company culture, analyzing trust in the business setting, before organizing a communications strategy.

“There is nothing more tangible than trust,” Mackin said. “Instead of pushing and pulling your way to the top, be a leader. Be a leader rather than a boss.”

To Mackin, this means creating a company based in trust rather than fear.

Mackin said she has been blessed with bad managers. “They taught me what not to do,” she said.

She also actively balances work and family.

“I was 100-percent focused on being in the fabric of my family’s life and I encourage other people on my team to be as well. Go to the soccer game! Be at the doctor’s appointment. I took my own medicine,” she said. “Then, when I came to work, I wanted to be at work and I was ready to prove my value to my team.”

Mackin also mentors eight young professionals interested in the communication industry. Through her mentoring, she encourages young entrepreneurs, particularly women, to be themselves.

“For many years, women were limited to jobs requiring ‘soft skills.’ By this I mean, being nurturing and able to understand the needs of others. But soft skills are powerful,” Mackin said. “They’re skills we need. When I’m hiring, I am looking for someone with integrity and authenticity. A lot of people say work ethic but I think that comes from trust. My advice to up-and-coming leaders, particularly women, is find a role where you can be yourself.”

The Champagne Reception & Mini Business Expo is 6-9 pm Oct. 17 at River Run Country Club. Tickets are $45. Call 704-895-1335 to RSVP.


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