FYI: Brawley back in the insurance business

Robert Brawley with Amanda Dudley, a leader in the anti-toll movement and founder of the Exit28Ridiculousness Facebook page

Aug. 4. By Dave Yochum. Is there life after politics? There definitely is in the case of former NC Rep. Robert Brawley, a 2016 contender for the GOP gubernatorial primary. He lost to incumbent Pat McCrory who went down in a wave of anti-toll sentiment around Lake Norman in the general election. Brawley, 73, has launched WFYI LLC, an insurance agency based in 2,000 square feet of space on Dry Dock Loop east of I-77 in Mooresville. WFYI stands for We Find You Insurance.

The name is as clever as an email he sent out announcing his new firm: “Mary Brawley told Robert he could not stay around the house all day so Robert has joined with Mark Cartret and Roland Loftin, owners of a surety company and other ventures, to form We Find You Insurance.”

Brawley is already well-known in the world of insurance having once run seven insurance agencies with some two dozen employees. His last name helps, of course. His family is the name behind Brawley School Road on the west side of I-77.

Brawley, who has a degree in engineering operations from NC State University, served in the state assembly from 1981 until he retired in 1998. He was elected the President of the National Republican Legislators Association and was named National Legislator of the Year in 1995. He ran for North Carolina Commissioner of Insurance in 2004 and lost to James E. Long.

In 2012, he was again elected to the House from the Iredell County, but lost his bid for re-election in the primary after running afoul of GOP leaders at the time.

His campaign for the GOP gubernatorial primary was ​demanding. While Brawley lost statewide, he trounced McCrory in Cornelius precincts. ​In Precinct 208, he beat McCrory 58.2 percent to 36.8 percent.

Brawley says he’s down 40 lbs.​ since the campaign​ and walks every day​. ​

Something that could not have been imagined back when he started out, WFYI lets insurance shoppers compare quotes online in auto, life, home and health. The new firm is launching with 11 agents. “I’m raring to go,” Brawley says.​


2 Responses to “FYI: Brawley back in the insurance business”

  1. Great company. Easy to use system. The world is certainly changing and it was interesting to use the internet portal these guys provide to buy my insurance for the first time. Thank you Representative Brawley. Good rate.

    Posted by Mark Barker | August 6, 2017, 8:58 am
  2. I met Rep. Brawley many years ago. He is a man of real integrity. He is certainly different than those up there in the statehouse who appear to be working for themselves. He broke wth his own party on principle. That says it all to me. The way those politicians act in Raleigh is shameful. They need to be gone after two terms. But I am glad Brawley is back in business. Looks like he was robbed and the Raleigh politicians are paying him back by allowing the thieves to go unpunished. I will not vote for Causey or Tim Moore ever again.

    Posted by Ray Priest | September 5, 2017, 7:35 am

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