Friendly reminder: Are you guilty of passive-aggressive slang?

Sept. 27. Slang differs not just between generations but also between states and situations.

In the workplace, “Please advise” is the most-used passive-aggressive work phrase.

Work aggressions

These are the most used passive-aggressive work phrases, WordFinder by YourDictionary found.

1. Please advise

2. Noted 

3. Friendly reminder

4. Will do

5. Thanks in advance

6. Per our conversation

7. Circling back

8. As per my last email

9. As promised

10. As discussed

11. To reiterate

12. Just following up

13. Dealing with it

14. Further to our conversation

15. Closing the loop

16. Sorry to bother you again

17. Any update on this

18. I’ll take care of it

Getting fired

If workplace passive-aggressive tendencies get too out of hand, one may find themself out of a job.

In most states, including NC, an employee won’t be “fired” but will instead be gently “let go,” according to WordFinder by YourDictionary.

In Arizona and Montana, however, employees will find themselves “sacked.” In seven states, you’d be “canned.”


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