Forza X1 electric boat will be built in NC

Forza: No emissions, max speed up to 35 knots

Aug. 1. By Dave Yochum. Forza X1 will construct a $10.5 million plant in Western North Carolina that will build 24-foot electric-powered boats that could revolutionize boating on Lake Norman the way Tesla is revolutionizing the automotive industry.

The Florida-based company—whose marketing pitch is “The Power of Quiet”—could employ as many as 170.

“While the number of electric cars is rapidly expanding, so will electric boats made by Forza X1 right here in our state,” said Gov. Roy Cooper, who made the economic development announcement.


The pre-revenue start-up is expected to invest over $10.5 million in land, buildings and fixtures, infrastructure, and machinery and equipment by the end of 2025 through the construction and establishment of its new manufacturing plant in McDowell County.

Forza is a wholly owned subsidiary of Twin Vee, based in Fort Pierce, Fla.

The pricetag: About $150,000.

Public offering

The Forza X1 is designed as fully integrated electric boat, including the hull, outboard motor and control system. In addition to a pilot’s seat and console with windshield and roof, padded bow and aft seating, the doors on the port and starboard sides hinge downward to create more space on deck. Forza X1 (FRZA) has filed to raise $15 million in gross proceeds from the sale of its common stock in an IPO, according to an amended registration statement. Learn more about Forza X1 at


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  1. Tesla makes no money selling cars.
    Their profit is derived from selling regulatory energy credits to vehicle manufacturers who sell mostly gas powered cars and trucks.

    Posted by Richard Matthews | August 2, 2022, 5:50 am

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