Fines start Friday, NCDOT rejects extension for I-77 Mobility Partners

Oct. 30.  I-77 Mobility Partners faces fines of $10,000 per day for each unfinished section of the I 77 toll lanes, starting Friday after the NCDOT refused to grant them an extension. Fines could run as high as $30,000 a day given the number of unfinished sections.

NC Rep. Christy Clark said she is glad to see I-77 Mobility Partners being held accountable.

“I’ve been advocating with NCDOT to resolve the extensive construction issues with I-77 including incomplete sections,” Clark said.

Per the provisions of the comprehensive agreement for the I-77 project, liquidated damages of $10,000 per day for each uncompleted section of the project begin Nov. 1.

“As is standard in all NCDOT construction projects, the prime contractor has the right to appeal this decision,” said NCDOT spokeswoman Jen Thompson.

I-77 Mobility, owned by CINTRA, had tried to get an extension, claiming that the delays in completion were due to added items on the project.

However, even in areas such as Northern Mecklenburg County where the toll lanes were open, paving has not been completed, which some motorists suggested had created dangerous driving conditions.

The northern 15 miles of the project opened June 1, but work continues on the nine miles south, between Huntersville and Charlotte.

The fines could amount to as much as $30,000 daily since the $10,000 fine would apply to each unfinished segment of the toll line project.

For its part, I-77 Mobility Partners said there have been reasons for the delays, including having to rehabilitate the roadway, funded by NCDOT; direct connectors from the toll lanes at Lakeview and Hambright Roads, funded by CRTPO (Charlotte Regional Transportation Planning Organization); I-85 direct connectors, and additional toll lane exits and entrances in the Lake Norman area, funded by I-77 Mobility Partners.


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